Workplace Giving

At last, everything you need in one place

Has anyone in your business ever asked:

  • How can we attract motivated young job applicants?
  • What can we do to encourage teamwork and boost morale?
  • Does our company stand for anything other than just profit?
  • How can our brand become market leader?
  • Shouldn't we be measuring all the good stuff we do?

Then you're in the right place.

Benojo has just launched incredibly powerful yet surprisingly cost effective technical and consulting solutions to support corporate giving initiatives.

Whether you want to encourage pre-tax payroll giving, launch employee volunteering days, engage your local community, maximise your existing CSR impact or just need help knowing where to start then we're here to help - not matter the size of your organisation.

We take a customised approach by listening to understand your social, environmental and corporate goals.

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