Now it's easy to help, or get help

Lots of us want to lend a hand, and charities are looking for help. For charities and other organisations alike, our volunteering solutions helps match those willing to help, with those who need it.

Whether it's pro-bono skill-based volunteering or for those just wanting to lend a hand in their spare time, we make it easy for charities to specify exactly what they're asking for, and easy for others to get involved.

As you'd expect, every hour given is captured in both the charity's and the individual's personal Benojo profile (and rolls up to employer's reports if they're connected to their workplace in Benojo). 

Anyone can filter for 'volunteering opportunities' - just look for the "I want to: volunteer" option on the left of the page:


Find out more about how our workplace volunteering solutions can help your organisation, please drop us a line: