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Running an event as a charity, or on behalf on one you support, is a great way of raising funds quickly. However, on top of the hassle of organising the event, you need to advertise it, sell tickets, manage multiple prices, deal with RSVPs and you might have to limit availability based on venue capacity.

That's why we've built a comprehensive ticketing system to take away the hassles so you can focus on running an event to remember that maximises the support you give to your selected causes. It's not limited to basic ticket sales either:

  • Sell goods to raise funds - This may be merchandise like a teddy bear, pen, socks or chocolates, or perhaps a meal like a lunch pack - anything which results in the donor receiving goods in return for money. Plus, if you have a limited inventory, we allow you to track individual sales up to your limit.

  • Competitions and raffles - The Run an Event option allows you to sell tickets online for a fixed price.

  • Free events - Sometimes you simply want to collect RSVPs from attendees - you don't want to charge people, yet you still need to know who's coming. Maybe you're running a morning tea or a cake sale, and need to know how many people to bake for, or you're holding a networking event and asking for gold coin donations on the night. Our ticketing solution allows for all this, while retaining the ability to send people calendar invites automatically when they register.

We do not charge charities to use our platform, nor do we take a cent of any ticket sales, payroll giving transactions or credit card donations.

We’ve written a handy article about comparing fees of some charity event ticketing platforms. As you'd expect, they varied considerably, so we've compiled some questions to ask event ticketing providers.

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