What is Social Sustainability?

The Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet & Profit

The Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet & Profit

Social Sustainability is a process or framework that promotes wellbeing within an organisation’s own members while also supporting the ability of future generations to maintain a healthy community.

It is considered one of the three main pillars, alongside economic and environmental sustainability, also known as People, Planet and Profit.

Social Sustainability is not:

  • A comprehensive set of rules governing how to operate a business

  • An established, nationally or globally recognised set of standards

  • A product which can be bought or sold

  • A one-size-fits-all initiative

  • A superficial PR exercise



Social Sustainability for Businesses

For businesses, social sustainability encompasses the impact of corporations on people and society, yet it’s notoriously the most difficult of the three pillars to measure - and you can't manage what you can't measure.

This is why Benojo was founded; to help organisations of all types - whether corporate, public sector, educational or nonprofit - improve the lives of their employees, stakeholders, customers and the communities in which they operate. We're aligned with the United Nations human rights principles which encompass gender equality, women’s empowerment, indigenous engagement and children’s rights. Beyond the workplace it includes poverty, inequality, education, health, sanitation, peace and stability.

More than ever, a ‘social license to operate’ is becoming a keystone of successful companies. This social brand value is a benchmark for customers and their purchasing decisions, employees looking for a purposeful career, partners, stakeholders, investors - in fact, any human with whom the business interacts.

How does Benojo help?

By applying the latest knowledge, processes and innovative technologies to deliver tangible outcomes that are measurable - and therefore manageable. Our goal is to strategically and meaningfully create positive social change for all communities, whether globally, nationally or within your local neighborhood.

By partnering with Benojo, social sustainability can become a measurable factor for organisations of all sizes.

Contact us to find out more via info@benojo.com or call 1300 236 656.