what change did you make in the world?

Communicate your social impact to the market beyond dollars and hours

62% of donors believe it important that charities can report on specific impacts*

The ability to confidently measure the impact of your programs is a growing expectation from funders.

NSW Government spends $200m per year on projects with measurable impact.

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define your desired impact

Build your model

At the heart of impact based activities is a strong understanding of how you use your resources to achieve your desired outcomes. Benojo can help you with this through our advisory services or our ‘Introduction to Social Impact Measurement Workshop’.

Set your vision: Define the change you want to make in the world

Develop your business plan: Decide how you will achieve your vision

Communicate: Ensure your key stakeholders are aligned and supporting you

get your ducks in a row

Develop an evaluation plan

How will you know if you are making the impact you desire?

Based on the outcomes identified in your model, you should develop a strong evaluation plan. This will clarify what data your organisation needs to collect and how.

Ditch spreadsheet hell

Data capture

While you are managing resources, delivering activities and measuring your outputs and outcomes, valuable data can be captured.

Highly effective organisations make it easy for service workers to capture and collate data in one place, so that managers and fundraisers can use it intelligently. Technology can make the process of data capture simple and cost effective.

Turn data into information

Live analysis

You need to understand the cost, value and amount of change your data reveals in real time, to understand and react to trends as they are happening. It is critical for informing practice and providing targeted evidence for seeking new funding.

Benojo helps you with modelling the cost/value of your outcomes. Our Impact Analysis tools allow you to apply this model to your data, providing you with live, easy-to-read insights into your program’s social impact.

Report true impact

The data is analysed and ready to report

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on external consultants to put this in to a report for you. Through the right technology platform you can create engaging, attractive reports at the click of a button.

Create bespoke reports against live data instantly, defined by geography of beneficiaries, funder, which activities created most impact, social return on investment, etc.


Celebrate your progress

You have moved beyond hours and dollars as measures of success, to robust measures of change.

There are many people that want to hear about this; your funders, your supporters, your staff.

Let them know the impact they have collectively achieved through the Benojo platform.

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