Powerful Reporting

What cannot be measured, cannot be managed

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We believe all good acts should be recognised, so reporting is central to how Benojo works. For modern charities, businesses and government organisations, accurate data and reporting is critical - especially with the growing focus on social sustainability

Everything that happens on Benojo is captured; each cent donated, hour donated or ticket sold is attributed to the individual who contributed, the company they work for (if they connected as an employee) and is visible to the charity receiving it.

To ensure privacy and relevance, reports are suited to each role:

  • Individuals see all their previous activity, every donation to DGR registered charities can be exported to simplify tax returns

  • Charity administrators get activity reports on volunteered hours and donations, both at individual and company levels

  • Company administrators have visibility over each employee's activity

  • Payroll managers get disbursement reports to facilitate payroll giving

  • CEOs can access top line reports to track both qualitative and qualitative progress.

Whether you're looking to create a global company-wide CSR report for the financial year, or just want to check how many hours Helen in the sales team volunteered last month, it's all at your fingertips.

To learn more about how our technology and consulting services can positively impact your organisation and the world beyond it, please get in touch.