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2018 Global Trends in Giving Report: Worldwide (n6,057)

AU/NZ preferred donation methods

2018 Global Trends in Giving Report: AU/NZ (n160)
  • 45% of donors are engaged in a monthly giving program

  • 54% of donors worldwide prefer to give online with a credit or debit card, other preferred methods:

    • 11% direct mail/post

    • 11% cash

    • 10% bank/wire transfer

    • 9% Paypal

    • 4% mobile app/wallet

    • 1% text message

  • 20% of donors are more likely to give if they are offered a free gift, but 80% are not, because:

    • …it’s a waste of my donation (68%)

    • …they don’t need/want the gift (36%)

    • …of the environmental impact of the gift (6%)

  • 69% of donors preferred to be thanked by email. Other methods:

    • Print letter (14%)

    • Text message (6%)

    • Printed postcard (5%)

    • Social media message (4%)

    • Phone call (2%)

2018 Global Trends in Giving Report

Fundraising is dominated by the largest organisations with the largest 10% of charities receiving 94% of all donations and the top 25 alone, almost 20% of the total. In other words, 90% of for-purpose organisations share just 6% of all donations.

JB Were Support Report 2018


  • 60.5% of Australians generally give on the spur of the moment, but those who plan their donations give six times more dollars

  • 14.9 million Australian adults (80.8% of the population) gave $12.5 billion to charities and not-for-profits organisations in 2015-16. The average donation was $764.08 and the median donation was was $200

  • 3/4 of people dislike being asked for donations over the telephone, although nearly one quarter still made a donation when approached this way.

  • 64% of people dislike being approached from street fundraisers but 19% still gave a donation

Giving Australia 2016


  • The amount of money that Australians gave to charity is growing but growth is slowing, growing 4.9% in the 12 months to August 2015. This was down from a growth of 7.8 per cent in the previous year

  • The average donation size across all charities grew by $9 to $346 per donor

  • Growth in charitable giving was strongest for over 65s and weakest for 15-24 year old

NAB Charitable Giving Index - August 2015


Five in six Australians give to charities or not-for-profit organisations (83%). More than three quarters of Australians (77%) give at least annually, while 17% do not give at all. Australians are increasingly ‘need responders’, choosing to give when they hear about a need or issue (40%)

Top five charity essentials:

  • Transparent reporting of admin costs

  • Well established with a proven track record

  • Verification of recognition as a charity

  • Where donations are allocated

  • Reporting of specific impacts

McCrindle Community Trends Report 2019

Giving by postcode & occupation

Here's a handy tool from QUT to find out how much the taxpayers in a specific postcode or occupation claimed in their individual income tax returns.

Peer to Peer fundraising

  • The average donor gives $50 whereby the average Peer 2 Peer fundraiser raises about $500 per campaign

  • Fundraisers collect more money for charities with less effort, plus one in four fundraisers repeat the campaign each year

  • Fundraisers are your cause ambassadors and advocates, essentially Peer 2 Peer fundraisers are more engaged than typical donors which is the model of excellent donor engagement!

Probono Australia 2015