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Charities have got more innovative in the past 12 months (9% increase in measured factors).

Innovative NFPs:

  • are 47% more likely to experience annual income growth
  • engage with their communities online By embracing new technology they increase their reach
  • Have 72% of staff that think about the future
  • Have 32% of respondents that think high implementation costs are a barrier to progress
  • Are more likely to have a diverse age range of staff

Non-innovative NFPs:

  • Only 28% reported revenue growth
  • Half lack an innovation strategy
  • 47% lack senior leadership vision
  • 42% lack the knowledge or skills to innovate
  • Less than half accept donations on their website
  • Are most likely to use paid street fundraisers

2017 GiveEasy Innovation Report

    • Just 10 per cent of Australian charities control 90 per cent of the sector’s combined income of $134 billion - that’s 8.3% of Australia’s GDP
    • Australian charities engage 2.97 million volunteers
    • Only 38% of charities have DGR status
    • Almost 30% of registered charities are religious
    • 4 out of 5 charities use volunteers
    • Charities employ 1.2m people, making it the 2nd largest employment sector in the country

    2015 ACNC Report