Payroll Giving

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Click to send us an email

Widely recognised as a great way to engage employees, giving through regular pre-tax payroll donations delivers maximum value to supported charities while visibly supporting your team's passions. Payroll giving is a key component in today's workplace giving programs.

As with everything an individual or organisation does on Benojo, it's all recorded so the good work can be seen and celebrated. It's easy for organisations to set up, easy for the payroll department to process and easy for employees to manage which charity they support, and how much they donate. 

We do not charge charities to use our platform, nor do we take a cent of any ticket sales, payroll giving transactions or credit card donations.

We're also a proud partner with One Million Donors who want to see one million Australians donate to charity via payroll giving by 2020.


To find out more about how Benojo can help your organisation support the causes you care about, get in touch: