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'peer to peer' fundraising For Individuals & teams

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Have you sponsored a friend who's taken on a challenge for charity in the last few years? Whether they ran a marathon, competed in a staring competition or shaved their head, the chances are they used a 'peer to peer' fundraising tool that allowed them to create their own page which they could share with their friends and family.

The problem is, many platforms charge the charity for this service, eating into the hard-earned generosity that should be going to help those in need.

Benojo's 'P2P' social fundraising solution takes no cut from charities, nor those making a donation, yet offers these powerful features:

  • Customisable, mobile friendly fundraising pages

  • Team pages for groups

  • Easy online donations

  • Fully shareable on social media

  • Donation leaderboards

Here's how it works:

  1. A charity creates a 'peer to peer' fundraising campaign

  2. Individuals/employees choose to fundraise for this campaign (either as a team or just themselves)

  3. They share their fundraiser page among their network of supporters

  4. The charity, business and individuals can see the leaderboard of contributors

Within a minute you could be up and running, happy knowing your fundraising efforts are making the most impact possible.

Whether you're with a charity, an organisation or in individual, drop us a line to learn more: