About Benojo

We are a team of young, highly dedicated individuals, on a mission to balance out the human desire to give with the needs of other humans, animals and our planet. Through innovation, thought leadership, guts and sheer determination we are hell-bent on designing products and services that will create the world’s first 'philanthropic destination'. 

Our goals

  • Providing the public, businesses, government organisations and academic institutions with the ability to showcase where and how they want to make a difference in the world

  • Providing charities with an ability to broadcast their needs, no matter how diverse

  • Bringing everyone together and making it easy for them to transact, share and celebrate the outcomes

  • Reducing 'Goodwill Waste'

These are big aspirations, but someone has to do it. In a marketplace that is overly complex, expensive and inefficient there needs to be an approach that makes it easy and relevant to all. 

Australian & Global

The Benojo marketplace is designed and built in Australia by our in-house team of engineers. It's a continuously evolving cloud-based SaaS system that works securely across all modern connected devices - no downloads required and no plugins or apps to install. Your data is secured and encrypted, and you have complete control over your users and what's visible internally or externally.

Where does the name come from?

Although it's been said that we benefit your mojo, the name actually comes from the Latin root of the word for good: "ben", and a Mexican Spanish word for a spring or well: "ojo" - a wellspring of good.


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