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Helping not-for-profit professionals understand the intricacies of CSR from a corporate perspective, providing skills, knowledge, tools and frameworks to confidently position a charitable partnership.

  • Design win-win partnerships through shared value activities

  • Develop a strategic partnership pitch including presentation and proposal

  • Know how to measure and manage the relationship for mutual benefit

THE global goals for corporates & nfps


Businesses & investors globally have committed to the achievement of the goals and woken up to their value to drive change and deliver competitive advantage. Our workshops provide hands on skills and resources to drive organisational change and stay relevant.

  • Reduce the complexity of SDG planning and reporting

  • Be partnership ready with mapping tools and resources

  • Avoid costly 3rd party reporting by building your own capacity to prepare to report

Social impact measurement

A trend has developed in public and private sectors around the desire to have clearer insight on if resources are being allocated in the most impactful way. Funders, governments and corporates are going beyond traditional service funding models and towards Social Impact models.

  • Design a bespoke model for your organisation

  • Understand how to clearly report impact to your key stakeholders

  • Gain the tools and processes to build your own basic logic model for your organisation

seo and google ad grants

Search advertising can be the fastest way to reach new and engaged supporters. With Google’s Ad Grant program your nonprofit organisation could benefit from US$10,000 of free advertising budget per month. However, it’s not the handout it once was - you need to understand and comply with Google’s strict eligibility criteria.

  • Set up your first AdWords campaigns, ad copy and keyword lists

  • Avoid the common pitfalls that could blow out your budget without meeting your organisation’s goals

  • Get the essential, practical tips on ad creation, keyword strategies and account structure

maximise your benojo experience

Want to become a Benojo Jedi? The platform provides you with powerful tools to help you with your giving or fundraising ambitions. So how do you use the force and get the most from your Benojo profile?

  • Monthly sessions with a member of the Benojo team

  • Join by webinar or at our Sydney office

  • Everything from the basics of how to set up and run a successful campaign, through to an explanation of the latest features and functions

  • Interactive Q&A

the corporate giving professional

A world-class course for managers tasked with implementing volunteering, giving and community engagement programs for their organisation. This 5 session course helps you to gain a clear understanding of what the corporate giving role requires of you in terms of leadership.

  • Create a strategic plan, know who to involve when developing it and have started to scope out the plan for their organisation

  • Gain the confidence to engage with your different stakeholders and build a community

  • Know how to select the right charity partner manage that relationship for mutual benefit

  • Operate as a leader of change within your organisation

  • Leave with a clear strategy and action plan to execute on it

You can see our full list of courses on the Education Calendar.