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An Invitation

As corporate giving programs become increasingly important to both the business and the communities they serve, there's a need for Australian businesses to effectively demonstrate their generosity.

Junerosity is a chance for every company to capture and measure all the good stuff they already do, and to easily set up new giving programs, at no cost. The combined outcome contributes to the grand Junerosity total - showcasing just how much Australian companies care while ending the financial year on a high.

Benojo is all about empowering everyone to make the world a better place, so we’re providing all the necessary tools to do this for free: payroll giving, donations, ticketed fundraising, volunteering, reporting - whatever’s needed to contribute to whichever charities the business and its people care about.

After June every participating company receives their own detailed report and recognition of their kindness on our Giving Wall, plus access to data and insights from the overall campaign.

Join other businesses who are showing their employees, their customers and the rest of Australia just how much they care.

Hit the red button and you can be live in minutes!

Got questions? Contact us below or ask us in person on 5th June in Melbourne!


How does it work?

It's simple.

1. Sign up for unlimited use of Benojo until the end of June
2. Start helping the charities your organisation and employees care about
3. At the end of June you'll get a detailed report of your company's activity. This is added to the pool of good work from other participating businesses to form a grand total of collective generosity
4. Enjoy the warm glow of satisfaction

Can we use this for financial year end CSR reporting?

Absolutely. Retrospective donations and volunteer hours can be manually added to create your company's EOFY giving report as long as the charities you gave to are on Benojo. However, only activity generated on the platform during June will count towards the overall Junerosity total.

Why should I care?

Most of us want to give and the chances are your people are already supporting causes. We make it easy to capture existing generosity and grow your giving program in ways that are proven to engage your employees, attract new talent and position your brand as one which cares.

What if we already work with other charities?

Great! If they're not already using Benojo we'll do our best to get them on so you both get the benefits.
If you don't have a cause in mind, we'll present you with a selection of worthy charitable campaigns for your people to contribute to straight away.

Will our data be secure?

We work with large multinational organisations, so security is vitally important to us and our users.
The Benojo platform is built and operated in Australia using best of breed secure technology with level 1 PCI compliance and full database encryption.
You also have the option of hiding all your activity on Benojo to everyone but your employees. This means you can participate in Junerosity anonymously should you wish, so the good work you do will add to the overall total but not be identified as coming from your company.

What is Benojo?

We're a social enterprise on a mission to empower any organisation or individual in supporting the causes they're passionate about, however they want. We don't charge charities a cent to use our social marketplace platform which maximises the impact they can deliver from their supporters.
This video might help explain what we're all about:

What happens after June?

Each participating business will get a detailed report of their giving activities, and be given public recognition as a company that's shown it cares. We'll also share with you the data and insights that come from Junerosity's activity. Finally, you will have the opportunity to continue your good work on the Benojo platform into the next financial year, and beyond, for as little as $5 per employee per year.

What's the catch?

There's no catch. Our goal is to showcase the true extent of corporate philanthropy by
(a) capturing the activity that often gets lost,
(b) providing the tools to simplify it, and
(c) helping match your business and its people to charities with the best fit.
There's no obligation nor any cost, so nothing stopping you from signing up!

Still got questions?