Free fundraising for companies

instantly & easily Engage company employees, their customers, friends & family via peer-to-peer fundraising

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Now any company can run charity fundraisers instantly - with no need for a paid license.

  • Create unlimited company-branded charity fundraisers in minutes

  • No contracts to sign, no onboarding costs, no license fee

Once the company’s Benojo profile is live, all the basic workplace giving features are also free to use:

  • Manage unlimited workplace volunteering at no cost to the company or charity

  • Create free ticketed fundraising events for companies and their employees, customers, friends and family

  • Set up pre-tax payroll giving for employees

  • Instant insights on fundraising & giving activity with our easy to use reporting dashboard

Why are we doing this?

We’re committed to make it easy for anyone to support the causes they’re passionate about, how, where and when they choose. By making it free for everyone, we’re opening up the most powerful workplace giving platform to every business.

Now every company and employee has the power to make a better world - together.

How does it work?

Whether you’re a current Benojo user, work for a charity or a business it’s simple to get started.

For Charities

Getting support from businesses has never been easier:

  1. Sign in to Benojo, or create your free charity profile

  2. Create a fundraising campaign

  3. Send the campaign link to the companies you’d like help from

We’re here to help, so get in touch via the red button below and we’ll look after you.

For Businesses

Within minutes your company and its people can be raising funds for you favourite charities - it’s super easy and costs nothing:

  1. Search for the charity or campaign you wish to support, or browse by cause type. Select a fundraising campaign

  2. Click on the Fundraise button, and select ‘Fundraise as a company’

  3. Create your personal and company profile via the form, then edit the fundraiser details to suit your audience

  4. Share the fundraiser link with your people, who can either donate individually or create their own fundraising team

Now that you’ve created your company’s Benojo profile, you can explore the other free workplace giving tools, all designed to engage your staff, customers and partners though your collective generosity. Every dollar and volunteer hour is recorded, making it easy to share your good work.

Whether you're with a charity or a business, drop us a line to learn more