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For educational institutions, adopting a business-like approach to internal and external giving programs is a critical success factor in this increasingly competitive arena. As universities, colleges and schools discover the opportunity to move the focus beyond the classroom into their own institutional operations, they are seeing the need for reporting on their social sustainability programs.

However, the ability to consistently and effectively engage staff, parents, students, faculties and alumni on single or multiple projects is a significant challenge. Similar in complexity is the managing, tracking administrating and reporting of activity, contributions and outcomes by all the stakeholders.


We know that no two education institutions have the same strategy, resources and goals when it comes to developing and executing giving programs either internally or externally. Choosing who to support, who to seek support from and how can be a complex, costly and time consuming process.

So to ensure education institutions get their internal and external giving programs just right, Benojo have developed an end-to-end solution via a suite of sector specific consulting, education, professional development and technology solutions, all of which can be tailored.

At Benojo we focus on taking the complexity and risk out of developing and executing internal and external giving programs

How we help schools & universities

There's no 'one size fits all' solution, so we work with you to find a 'one size fits you' model to deliver precisely the outcomes demanded by your establishment, the people within it and the greater world beyond.

Here's an example of how we help educators leverage their positive energy, minimise friction and deliver positive outcomes via our technology and services.

 An example of how our solutions tackle the drivers and obstacles faced by educational establishments to deliver positive results.

An example of how our solutions tackle the drivers and obstacles faced by educational establishments to deliver positive results.


Consulting & Education

The success of any giving and internal support program starts with effective goal setting, strategy development, business process design,  and a sound execution, communication and evaluation plan.

Getting it right takes a great deal of skill, knowledge and discipline, and sometimes knowing where to start or add value to existing programs can be a significant challenge.

To assist education sector clients in delivering highly successful giving programs, Benojo have developed proprietary consulting, education and professional development offerings, designed to be tailored to the needs of any education institution.

The Marketplace

Our online social marketplace as a technology platform is a robust enabler for the successful rollout of any education sector giving or support seeking program.

It provides a one-stop-shop for the needs of any institution no matter how simple or complex their needs. Execution, management, visibility, administration, reporting and measurement of any program is now simple and easy to manage and more importantly, all in one place.

Managing multiple charity partners and spreadsheets, individuals employees, teams and functions all using different websites and platforms, collating impact reports using multiple data sets and formats, managing the hundreds of emails that go with volunteering initiatives and many other similar challenges can now be a thing of the past.