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Advisory Services for Charity

Expert Consultants who Maximise your impact

The experienced team at Benojo provide advisory services in four key areas – Corporate Partnerships, Social Impact Reporting, Event/Campaign Design, plus ongoing coaching and mentoring, customised to your needs.

Corporate Partnerships


Acquiring and building effective corporate partnerships can be a challenge. The needs of businesses are ever-changing, so making sure you have the right components to attract and then meet your partners’ needs is essential, whilst ensuring your programs achieve shared objectives.

Our partnerships experts help you develop your corporate acquisition strategy, identify aligned organisations and create highly effective pitches. We can also assist in the design of innovative, relevant and effective campaign activities, all resulting in win-win programs and long-lasting, strategic partnerships.

Our goal is to make sure your relationships are engaging and sustainable, so you can confidently position and execute partnerships that are a cut above the rest.

Event & Campaign Optimisation

In the modern environment support can come from many sources, so having innovative and compelling initiatives which are easy to engage with is essential.

We guide you in the development, promotion, supporter acquisition, and continuous optimisation of your events and campaigns.

By applying leading edge tools, insights, data and research we not only help you develop innovative initiatives, but also show you how and where to share the impact you create. This engages and adds value to new and existing supporters. 

 Coaching & Mentoring

Our experienced team are at hand to offer individual or team coaching and mentoring services.

Each intervention is tailored to pre-determined requirements and objectives - and can be a one-off or ongoing intervention.
And don't forget that all our services are complimented by Benojo's technology, which for charities is free of charge. 

Social Impact Reporting

You're probably aware of the increasing expectation placed on charities to measure and quantify the impact of contributions made by supporters. Benojo has developed proprietary software and methodologies to ensure that even the most complicated initiatives can be quantified. 

Providing attribution and recognition to those that invest in charities is becoming a must and our experienced team know exactly what is required.

Our advisory services can be complimented by technology which remember, is free for charities.

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