We build capacity for the charitable sector by making supporter acquisition and management more effective, efficient and sustainable.

Successful initiatives don't happen by accident

There are some key factors:

  • Know who you matter to and why - Clear goals articulated into a clear proposition

  • Understand the supporter management life cycle - Support it with robust processes at each stage

  • Offer supporters a range of activities – Give multiple options for contribution, and make participation easy and meaningful

  • Measure your outcomes and impact against targets – Know where you’re going, and when you get there. Act on insights and lessons to deepen engagement and future contributions

Based on this, how prepared is your charity for acquiring new support, and maximising the relationships you already have?

What we do for Charities

To assist charities achieve the results they desire Benojo provides a comprehensive range of Technology, Advisory, Education and Support Services:


It starts with a conversation - tell us your challenges, and we'll help you find a solution: