As a charitable organisation are any of these challenges familiar?

  • Finding and acquiring corporate support
  • Juggling multiple providers, contracts and fees
  • Managing, reporting and tracking contributions
  • Minimising acquisition and management costs

The chances are some or all of these relate to your organisation and the people that work within it.

As a business dedicated to building capacity for the charitable sector, Benojo has developed an end-to-end solution to aid the charitable sector in acquiring new and qualified support, whilst at the same reducing the cost and complexity of managing the relationships.

We build bridges between you, businesses and the public sector by making it easier and more cost effective to transact, and reporting on those activities provides a much needed view of each organisation's social sustainability.

We also run fully funded education courses to help non-profits pitch to and collaborate with corporate partners.

We do not charge charities to use our platform, nor do we take a cent of any ticket sales, payroll giving transactions or credit card donations.


How we help charities

Finding corporate sponsors and new audiences can be challenging and costly.

We understand many of the motivations and challenges charities face, which is why the Benojo marketplace and associated services support you achieving your ambitions while reducing the obstacles to success.

Below is an example of how a charitable organisation may benefit from engaging with Benojo.

 Examples of how our solutions harness NFP motivations and solve challenges to deliver positive outcomes.

Examples of how our solutions harness NFP motivations and solve challenges to deliver positive outcomes.


Consulting & Education

We know that no two charities have the same capacity, strategy, resources and goals when it comes to developing and executing campaigns and acquisition drives. Choosing who to promote to and how can be a complex, costly and time consuming process.

In order to ensure the success of our charitable sector clients and their participation in the marketplace, Benojo has developed a suite of consulting, education and professional development packages that can be tailored to specific needs of each charity.

The Marketplace

The first online, single environment, cloud-based social marketplace dedicated to uniting the general public, government, education and corporate sectors, as well as other charities to share resources, knowledge and time to meet charitable sector needs.

This technology platform provides a one-stop-shop for the needs of any charity no matter how simple or complex their acquisition and relationship needs,  whilst having access to a robust set of tools to facilitate a diverse range of transactional requirements.

No more headaches related to having to manage multiple suppliers, data sets and contracts, you can now have all your needs met in one place and without the need for any contracts and best of all its FREE.


Many organisations over the years have looked to solve complex issues surrounding building capacity for the charitable sector. Unfortunately most approaches serve to solve single issues, instead of developing one solution to address many issues.

Benojo has invested in developing solutions that offer value and common functionality to all facets of society as individuals or organisations within a single environment.

The end result has been the rapid growth of users and the adoption of one online destination which aligns those who want to give, with those who have a need.

No longer is there a need for multiple websites, platforms and consultancies and the associated complexities and costs. Benojo brings all you need into one neat package in one free to access environment.