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Set Up & Delivery


Our Set Up & Delivery Services will guide your roll-out to ensure the program you implement gets the results you expect.

We offer three ways to get your program and platform off the ground, depending on the size of your business, where you are in your giving journey, and what your goals are.


Do it yourself

Via our online portal, we give you the guides, checklists, tools and templates to get your early-stage, tactical giving program up and running. You'll also receive a platform overview session one-on-one with a Benojo Boffin. If you require additional assistance, check out our platform Support services.

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Benojo in a Box

Once you have your program Strategy in place, our guided implementation option delivers a customised package of support and guidance to help you launch a successful giving program – but aim to leave you with the confidence to self-sufficiently execute your program into the future.

This next-level service guides you from planning your program, to implementing the supporting technology, understanding how to manage your charitable relationships and employee engagement, through to launching and reviewing your new program. It also includes collaborative platform configuration and campaign-creation, platform training by a Benojo Boffin, plus 10hrs of Premium Support to call on once you've launched, and are getting to know the platform.

Whether you're relaunching a less-than-perfect giving program or want to get it right the first time, Benojo is here to help.


Full Service

Everything you get from 'Benojo in a Box', wrapped in a bespoke, project-managed solution and supported by a dedicated Benojo Boffin, who's on hand every step of the way to ensure successful delivery.

Using our Initiate, Plan, Execute & Evolve process, our Full Service plan will help you identify stakeholders, hold a kick-off meeting, create and manage your project plan, and run a pilot program, before managing your full roll-out and launch, handover, and ongoing success reviews. Your timelines and milestones, managed by our Boffin.

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