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Advisory Services

Your giving program strategy consultants

The experienced team at Benojo provide advisory services to organisations looking to design, deliver and implement highly impactful and measurable programs. Our technology is a wonderful enabler, but if you don’t have a giving program with clear goals, what are you enabling, and how will you know when you get there?

Our primary expertise lies in:


Taking a strategic approach to your CSR or giving program is good for business. It can elevate your program from a corporate philanthropy nice-to-have, to being strategically and operationally critical, while at the same time creating genuine impact both within and external to the business.

We can help any business build a robust, impactful corporate giving strategy with clearly defined goals and a practical execution plan to make it happen. We also understand Assurance and Sustainability and we can assist to help you meet any compliance or sustainable development goals you may have.

Program Measurement & Communication

Effective measurement of contributions and storytelling are the backbone of any program to ensure ongoing engagement and support. 
Our team have the capability to help businesses build measurement, evaluation and reporting frameworks unique to their program whilst at the same time show them how to amplify the impact of their activities through social media, marketing and public relations.


Are the charity and community partners you are working with, or want to work with - the right fit for your (new) corporate giving program? 
Our experienced team can help businesses align and manage their community relationships to match a specific giving strategy and commercial objectives. 
Our approach is to provide the business and their charity partners with structured management, measurement and evaluation processes and a practical execution plan for success. 

Employee Engagement


Learn how you can use your corporate giving program to improve employee engagement, better interact with your customers and suppliers and deliver tangible returns on investment.

We can help any business develop a meaningful engagement strategy for an inclusive giving program where participation is maximised across multiple stakeholder groups, supported by a practical execution plan.

Benojo's Advisory Services are designed to set your giving program up for success, with our workplace giving platform being the enabler to manage and measure your new program. Complimented by our Set Up & Delivery, Education, and Support Services, Benojo offers you a complete end-to-end Corporate Giving solution.

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