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Benojo provides businesses with the tools to achieve their giving goals in a cost effective, scalable, truly meaningful way.

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Like any business critical initiative, you must plan to succeed. We help businesses with this through advisory services and workshops.



Once you’ve set your goals and strategy, it’s time to leverage technology to connect your people and charity partners and give them the tools to do good stuff together.


Goodbye multiple spreadsheets, hello all-in-one-place. Our uniquely powerful, cloud-based corporate giving solution makes it easy for you to orchestrate your giving program - whether you're a small company or a global business with thousands of employees.



What cannot be measured, cannot be optimised. That’s why Benojo offers powerful reporting to give you visibility of your entire giving program. Coupled with Google Analytics integration, you get valuable insights of all campaigns, each hour volunteered and every dollar donated.


Even the most successful program has room to grow. The Benojo platform offers unlimited opportunity to expand and adapt to suit your company’s focus and goals.

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