Benojo For Business

A structured, strategic, well planned and well executed corporate or workplace giving program is no longer a ‘nice to have’.  In fact, in today’s business environment it’s quite the opposite; social license to operate, community and customer sentiment, effective engagement of employees and meeting sustainability goals are key commercial drivers.

The secrets to a successful giving program

Successful programs don’t happen by accident. There are some key factors:

  • They have clear strategic intent and sponsorship using best practice tools and technology
  • They are led and managed by individuals and teams with relevant skills and knowledge
  • They are easy to understand, engaging and communicated effectively
  • They are consistently evaluated - success and returns are tangibly measured
  • They are built on sustainable internal and external relationships 

What we do for Businesses

    To help businesses overcome these challenges and ensure success in all aspects of program design, development, execution and evaluation, Benojo provides a comprehensive range of technology solutions, advisory, educational and support services:


    You, and your organisation, may be facing a unique array of complications but we have yet to encounter a situation we couldn’t improve, or a barrier we couldn’t overcome.


    We’re listening

    Every solution starts with a conversation - we invest the time to fully understand your situation before proposing a unique strategy to meet your goals, budget and resources. 

    Tell us your story, and let's start that conversation: