You've found this page because you're one of the 28% of workers who are Purpose-Oriented

Statistically, according to this research, you are:

  • 50% more likely to reach a leadership position
  • 64% more likely to find fulfilment at work, and 
  • 30% more likely to be a high performer

Go you!

However, with great power comes great responsibility. We're asking you to take control of your destiny, and that of your co-workers, by asking your employer to consider the purpose of their business. How are they contributing to society? What legacy will be left behind besides just profit? Are they keeping you and your colleagues engaged via positive experiences? Are their competitors going to become known as 'the company that cares' first?

These are questions we love to answer.

But we need your help.

Below you'll find a draft of a message for your CEO/Manager/HR Director, or whoever makes the decisions, asking them to consider a workplace giving program. Yes it's cheeky, but as a valued purpose-oriented team member they should listen. If they don't, then, um, perhaps you'll find somewhere else where your potential is better recognised?

Now what?

  1. Copy and paste the message below into an email to your boss
  2. Edit as necessary
  3. Hit send
  4. Email us at and tell us how it went (but comply with any non-disclosure clauses of course)
  5. Print out your own special I'm A Purpose Oriented Employee badge which you'll find at the bottom of this page. Stick it on your desk, your lunch box, LinkedIn profile or wherever people will see it and marvel at your go-get attitude. Welcome, my friend, to the #28percenter club.


Dear ________,


I believe our company has an opportunity to better engage team members. While I truly value my role here, I think that introducing opportunities for employees to give back to the community would allow us all to become more purpose-oriented workers. 

There are some simple things we could do to make such a change. We could begin by discussing which charities we should support and how, whether it be through fundraising events, pre-tax payroll giving, etc. 

Research shows that providing time off for volunteering is the most effective way to increase employee satisfaction - 75% of the top ranked Australian companies in the 2016 Great Place to Work survey have this in place. Plus, it’s a great way to build our social brand and attract new talent! With that in mind, have we considered a workplace volunteering program?

To make these steps easier for us, there are companies that help set up and manage initiatives like these such as . It might be worth asking them for some advice.

Because I am committed to this business, I just wanted to share my thoughts on how we can create an even more fulfilling place to work. Let me know what you think!

Kind regards,