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Benojo EDGE helps coporates and business give back to the community and the planet through technology. FIND OUT HOW
About EDGE

The simple way for your business to do good.

Volunteering, fundraising, payroll giving, donations & events all in one place

Transform your workplace culture & increase your company’s impact through our simple platform. Find out how Benojo can help transform your workplace culture & increase your impact.

Corporate Giving

Benojo EDGE Features

Manage your business & employee donations
  • Donations processed instantly
  • Recurring donations
  • Instant automated tax deductible receipting
  • Provide your employees with full transparency into impact
Manage all your fundraising
  • Peer-to-peer & team fundraising
  • Emergency appeals
  • Fundraising events & challenges
  • Invite customers to get involved
One Touch Disbursements
  • Automate your payroll giving donations
  • Monthly or quarterly invoicing
  • Full disbursement banking functionality
Security and Compliance
  • We’re highly dedicated to safety and security.
  • PCI compliant so that you can rest easy knowing that every donation or transaction passing through Benojo is completely protected.
Manage all your volunteering
  • Individual, team & corporate volunteering
  • Once-off or regular volunteering
  • Pro-bono and skilled volunteering
  • Access opportunities on Benojo’s marketplace
Manage all your events & ticketing
  • Trivia nights, balls & fundraising events
  • Raffles
  • Manage expressions of interest
  • Merchandise (coming soon)
Simplify your payroll giving program
  • Two click payroll giving setup for employees
  • Simple management for payroll managers
  • Make it easy for your employees to give
  • Choose from 800+ charities
  • Sign sign on technology for one click access
  • API for software and CRM integrations
  • Custom technology builds

Engage Employees

  • Volunteering, fundraising, donations, payroll giving & events – all in one place.
  • Benojo’s marketplace allows employees to find and create their own volunteering & fundraising activities.

Simple & cost effective

  • Design a sleek, customised but powerful experience for your employees
  • Create an internal giving page in less than 10 minutes without needing IT

Prove your business’ purpose

  • Share your impact with supporters & stakeholders
  • Nearly two thirds of consumers will choose, switch to or boycott a brand based on its stand on societal issues.

Integration & Security

  • Transparent, PCI-compliant transactions & impact
  • Single-Sign-On solution compatible with most major SSO providers
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Connect technology to your website that is simple, transparent & easy to use. Engage donors in an impactful way with technology that looks and feels like you. Create a sleek, customised page without needing a web designer.