Leaving Annandale at 330am on ANZAC Day with my wife Kay and great friends Sam, Craig and Dave we walked over the aptly named ANZAC Bridge which was beautifully lit with a red ‘lest we forget’ sign, and made our way through a very chilly morning into town.

The service was limited to 1200 and was seated. With a range of emotions from relief (to have finally arrived safely) to humility and reflective at the amazing sacrifices of our vets past and present, to an overwhelming feeling of being grateful for our lot.

The service was so inclusive and featured a young man reciting the ode, a Maori choir and a sea of wreaths all paying tremendous respect and aspiring for ongoing peace in our time.

We held a small bash at our place on Sunday afternoon to thank all of our supporters. It felt so right being able to recognise those who made it all happen. Asked many times if I planned to do another long long walk in my heart I knew yes but for the moment I thought it more diplomatic to just smile.

Thank you again for helping Batyr achieve over $21k in funds raised to help in the battle to prevent youth suicide. In a radio interview with ABC Dubbo on Friday I mentioned the long awaited Royal Commission into Vet Suicide. This will be important, as is the work batyr and so many other community services to better understand and fight this battle.

See you down the track 🙂

Cheers Pieter