My great mate Craig G shouted me a flash room in Parramatta so we could start our ‘march’ early Tuesday morning.

Having enjoyed a little red wine and pizza the night prior & my legs were ready for the last ‘big’ walk of this 30 day adventure.

Taking a beautiful 12km scenic route along the Parra River to Meadowbank, I was blown away by the accessibility and beauty of the place in the early morning.

Forced onto some highways we peeled off through more familiar suburbs of Concord, Five Dock and finally back into home grounds at Leichhardt and finally home to Annandale.

Kay and our Airedale Jaffa joined us mid journey which was fun.

Also great to see our friends from Batyr; Nick, Sheree and India share some special time with us on the track.

This made me feel very close to our cause and reinforced a key reason for my trek.

Craig G was also very focussed on our $20k fundraising target for the Coo-ee Walk and he worked his social media, colleagues and friends all day so that by 4pm we had actually hit our goal.

What a delight. We made for home and raised a glass to both the great day and to something a bit bigger.

Back with Kay, Jarrah, Annie and Zoe and Jaffa it felt good to be back.

Feet a little itchy yes but good.

Final post will be sent after the last leg on Sunday after the ANZAC Day dawn service. Tickets are booked and I’m feeling a little humbled and very grateful to be able to pay my respects to those 263 Coo-ee men and all those Vets who served us.

Cheers Piet