Walking with our great friend Sarah, we agreed to find as many backroads and trails as we could to allow us to stay off the increasingly busy great western highway. But…we may have been too successful where our small road, turned into a small track into a very small trail.

Following traffic noise we managed to not feel so lost and hugged the highway for a spell. Passing through the beautiful villages of Lawson, Hazelbrook and Linden, this place oozed charm.

Arriving at Springwood, I popped into the local Blue Mountains paper to chat about Batyr and my walk. Journo Damian shared with me a 1915 picture of the Coo-ee Marchers procession through town. The 5 new volunteers joining from this village swelled the Coo-ee ranks to >210 men.

Relaxing night with friends Ian and Sarah at their mountain hideaway at Glenbrook. Got to use a washing machine… luxury!