Well it was pretty busy for a rest day. I started pretty early with a radio interview with ABC Bathurst and then 2MCE. I was really happy the interview focussed on raising awareness around youth mental health and the great work of batyr.

I also did a follow-up interview with the Bathurst Advocate, which Sam Holt again focussed on Batyr and ‘the elephant in the room’ ie the mental health stigma we need to smash! Finally I did a 3rd radio interview which was very sympathetically handled as well.

Such a delight to meet my daughter Zoe off the coach at the Bathurst train station, one of the too numerous to mention 1870-1890 beautifully restored buildings here.

Zoe and I had lunch with Wayne, a local who marched in the 2015 Centenary re-enactment of the Coo-ee March. We traded stories and his delightful recount of their March which was faithful to clothes worn and locations camped at was remarkable.


Our last night with the wonderful hospitality of Stuart and Josephine in their magnificent 1873 Victorian mansion featured a game of Bagatelle, a Victorian parlour game similar to billiards. Their lovely hospitality extended to keeping us company for the first 4km of our walk the next morning as we left for Yetholme at 6am.