Introduction to Social impact measurement 

What you need to know to measure and communicate the true societal impact of your charity’s activities.

Course outline

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Presented by Greg Nairn, winner of the 2018 Third Sector Award for his Operations and Social Impact Measurement software, this introductory session will teach you the importance of quantifying the societal effect of your organisation’s outcomes. Greg will also reveal the power of logic models and how to construct them, as well as how to best describe your impact both internally and externally to grow support and improve operational efficiency.

A clear trend has developed in public and private sectors around the desire to have clearer insight on whether resources are being allocated in the most impactful way. Funders, governments and corporates are also talking more and more about going beyond traditional service funding models and towards Social Impact models.

No prior knowledge or experience is required.

What topics will we cover?

  • What do we mean by Social Impact and why are so many people talking about it?

  • What does it mean for your organisation?

  • Designing a logic model to fit your organisation

  • How to clearly report impact to your key stakeholders

  • Common pitfalls to avoid

After the course you will have a solid understanding of this evolving discipline, and the tools and processes to build your own basic logic model for your nonprofit.

Who should attend?

This is the perfect primer for any nonprofit employee wanting to progress their career and understand one of the hottest topics in the nonprofit world.