the un global goals for
charities & not-for-profits

Benojo invests in the corporate and charity eco-system so our technology can provide most impact for all.

Make it easy for corporate partners to find you and work with you by clearly communicating what you do using the common language of the SDGs.

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A fundamental workshop for Not-For-Profit & Charity leaders who wish to map, plan and report their organisation’s activities against the globally recognised Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The workshop introduces the goals and provides immediately useable tools and activities that will help put your organisation on the radar for companies looking for strategically aligned not-for-profit partners.

The workshop makes it easier for you to find and work with strategically aligned partners by clearly communicating what you do using the common language of the SDGs. Unlike other workshops, these sessions are rooted in practice, and participants develop an action plan for taking the next steps on their SDG journey.

Topics and activities covered

  • Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Understand each goal, its indicators and how Australia is currently performing

  • Begin to map your strategic SDGs to your current strategy or plans

  • Understand how to communicate with and engage corporate partners using the goals

  • Measuring your impact – the value of technology

  • Using the strategic SDGs chosen by your corporate sponsor – write a recommendations report on how your charity can help them achieve their SDG outcomes.

Supported by optional coaching.

Partnership funded places

Upcoming dates

Ask your corporate partner to send you to a free nonprofit SDG workshop.

Sydney - 27th June 2019

Sydney - 16th August 2019

Do you enjoy a great relationship with a Corporate Partner who is looking to develop their commitments against the SDGs?

Tell them about the SDG corporate workshop. If they buy a place and nominate your organisation, you will receive a fully-funded place on this course.

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