the un global goals for corporates

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For business leaders who wish to map, plan and report their organisation’s activities against the globally recognised Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Unlike other workshops, these sessions are rooted in practice, and participants develop an action plan for taking the next steps on their SDG journey.

The workshop makes a complex landscape easier to understand. From this understanding, it is easier for you to find and work with strategically aligned NFP partners by clearly communicating what you do using the common language of the SDGs.

Topics and activities covered

Session 1

  • Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Understand each goal, its indicators and how Australia is currently performing

  • Map your strategic SDGs and prioritise action

Session 2

  • Understand how to communicate with and engage stakeholders using the goals

  • Take a deep dive into the strategic SDGs you have picked

  • Mapping strategic SDGs to current strategy or plans - identify gaps and opportunities

  • Create an initial SDG action plan tied to impact measurement

  • How to leverage technology to capture and report the impact of SDG related activity

  • Supported by optional coaching in between sessions or after the series.

How joining this course makes a difference

For every ticket bought for this workshop, one place will be donated to a Not-For-Profit organisation to attend a similar workshop. If you have a Not-For-Profit partner that you’d like to bring with you on the Global Goals journey, just tell them about the SDG NFP & Charity workshop and nominate them when you book your place. How about that for #partnerships?

Upcoming dates

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Sydney - 5th & 26th July 2019

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