Google AdWords & Ad Grants
for Not-For-Profits

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Google’s AdGrant program offers nonprofit organisations US$10,000 of free advertising per month. However, it’s not a straightforward handout - you need to understand and comply with Google’s strict eligibility criteria.

This session provides the understanding required to create paid search ads and navigate through the Ad Grant application process. By developing this skillset in-house you’ll retain control over your spend and messaging, while avoiding the costs of external agencies or contractors.

Learn how to tap into US$10,000 of free advertising per month and;

  • Set up your first AdWords campaigns, ad copy and keyword lists

  • Avoid common pitfalls that blow out budgets without meeting goals

  • Get the essential tips on ad creation, keyword strategies and account structure to avoid wasting time and budget

  • Understand the Ad Grant application process and appreciate the specific challenges to overcome in retaining the funding over the long term


Upcoming dates

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Sydney - 10th May 2019

Sydney - June 2019

No prior knowledge or experience required. Workshop includes engaging group discussions, keyword brainstorming, ad copy workshops and thought-provoking ideas relating to each participant’s goals.

Benefit from actionable advice, tools and tips to add to your personal skill set which can be immediately applied to grow your organisation’s audience.