Company Privacy policy

Benojo is an online platform that allows a company and its employees to collaborate and give to charity (“The Hub”). This Privacy Policy describes how your information is collected, used and shared when you use the Hub.

The Hub is intended for use by your company (“The Company”) to maximise engagement with employees as well as maximise the impact that a company can have in the community.  The provision of the company service is separate from other activities and participants on the platform in that the usage of it by charities and users are governed by their own terms.

The Company is responsible for and administers your Benojo company account. The Company is also responsible for the collection and use of any data that you submit or provide through the Hub, and such use is governed by the terms that your Company has agreed to for the use of Benojo.  In addition, the Company may have additional policies which apply in relation to the use of the Hub. 

All of our data is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) datacentres in the US.

  1. What information do we need?


In general, we keep a minimal amount of information on the Hub and only retain that required for maximising company contributions, adequate attribution of the giving and then combine that with the need for charity compliance in reporting.  To that end, at the company level, we collect:

  • Company information such as name, ABN, physical address and online locations

  • Connections to charities you support and the charitable program of the company

  • The company rules for giving (such as for grants, donation matching and payroll giving)

  • Employee giving activity – activity and contributions reports showing the giving done by employees

Employee-level (“personal data”)

We inform users of the use of their data through our general privacy policy and also the terms of use of the Hub.  We collect:

  • contact information, such as full name, home (optional) and work address and email address and a password is required for access

  • an employee number so the employee can be identified within your payroll system

  • in the event a working with children certificate is required for a particular activity, we request the date of birth of the user

  • the charitable interests the employee has

  • contributions made by employees to charity

  • information about charity campaigns run by the employee

  • comments made by employees on campaigns

  • the skills that the staff member is willing to use in skilled volunteering

  • results of transactions (financial data is processed by our partner Stripe)

Benojo does use user cookies for authentication purposes only.  An employee must request this through using a Remember me option on the login page.  Session details are also kept in a cookie to manage expiry of sessions.  Benojo also use external providers in Google Analytics and Stripe which do use cookies to provide their service (privacy policies can be found at and ).

2. how does benojo use this information?

In order for Benojo to provide and support the Hub for the Company, charities and other users, we:

  • Provide a public profile of the company and employees (the Hub does incorporate privacy controls which effect how we will process this data. By using the privacy controls, you can specify what information is visible and what communications will be received from charities)

  • Will notify employees of charitable activity that they have asked to be notified about (user privacy settings restrict communication via this method)

  • Provide information to the charities on the contributions made to allow them to report and manage (acknowledge / receipt) the giving made

  • To provide the company the ability to report on the good that employees do in the community and also the opportunity to facilitate and amplify the giving

3. Disclosure of information

Information is only available to:

  • the charity receiving the contribution (and is limited only to that contribution) for the purpose of reporting and compliance

  • company admins for employee giving activity in the form of on-screen displays and reports that may be sent to appropriate personnel within the Company for payroll deductions and donation matching approvals

  • other users in terms of the public facing aspects of the site (e.g. a campaign the company has marked as “Public”)

  • in the event of a requirement to protect the safety of any person; to address fraud, security or technical issues or a legal issue in connection with a request from a law enforcement agency.

4. Information changes

The company has full access to modify information through the Settings area on the system and employees can modify their information through their own Settings area.

5. Third-party service provision

Apart from the above, Benojo does not share information with any 3rd parties.  We do use service providers in order to provide the platform, though none has access to any company data.

6. account closure

If the event your company stops using the Hub, Benojo will suspend the company account and/or de-identify any information associated with it.  Transactional data is retained against employee profiles to ensure that the employee retains a profile that includes all of their giving, though company specific details are removed (company number and emails). 

It typically takes about 90 days to delete an account after account closure, but some information may remain in backup copies for a reasonable period of time. Please note that content created by the company and shared on the Hub is owned by the company, though it may remain and be accessible even if the company deactivates or terminates the account (also required for compliance reasons for charities).

Employees may also request deletion of their account which also de-identifies the contributions made and only retains data required for charity compliance.

7. Changes to this policy

When updated the "Effective date" below will be amended and a new Privacy Policy will be posted online.

8. contact

For any questions about this Privacy Policy, contact

Effective date: 25 June 2018