Online DOnations

Never leave your supporters to pay exorbitant ‘platform’ fees for donations again. Everyone can make donations online without having to pay Benojo - and all the activity generated gets rolled up into reporting for the charity and the supporter.

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Team & Individual fundraising

Empower companies, teams and individuals to raise funds for your cause. Create campaigns that they can contribute towards through their own fundraising pages, show leaderboards and aggregate results and reporting.


volunteer Management

Say goodbye to manually sending details, updates, calendar invites and reminders. Our volunteer management features make it a breeze to organise all your volunteers, and to attract corporates to your structured corporate volunteering offerings.


Corporate volunteering

Do you have structured corporate volunteering opportunities you can run on request? Use our “By Request” volunteer campaigns to advertise opportunities to Corporates on Benojo, and seamlessly integrate all individual events with our volunteer management tools.


Ticketed Events

Whether you want to run a trivia night or a ball - you can set it up alongside all your other initiatives and take all the administrative sting our of collecting participants’s preferences and setting up calendar events - at the same great cost of zero platform fees.


Ticketed Events + Team & Individual fundraising

Want to sell an entry ticket to a fun-run or adventure-sport challenge - and prompt purchasers to raise funds to qualify? Our ticketed events can link to a fundraising campaign on our platform - allowing teams and individuals to create their own fundraising pages after they buy a ticket!


Record off-platform donations

We give you the ability to record EVERYTHING in a single place, even if you did it elsewhere. Your profile is your single source of reporting, truth and transparency for you and your donors.



You can’t manage what you can’t measure - and you can’t build a donor program without knowing engagement rates, aggregated activity, impact and stakeholder interests. Don’t waste hours on spreadsheets trying to track what’s going on and communicating outcomes to your stakeholders. Let our platform do it for you.


Connect with Corporates

If corporate partnership are part of your strategic fundraising plan, find them here! Our Benojo Business product can integrate with our marketplace and your charity profile. And if you already have a corporate partnership - they can use Benojo Business for free to connect and integrate with everything you are managing on Benojo.


Pre-tax payroll giving

By setting up on Benojo Charity for free, you’ll be automatically visible to thousands of corporate employees who are empowered by their company’s payroll-giving program through Benojo Business.