Online Donations

Never leave your staff to pay ‘platform’ fees for donations again. Everyone can make donations online without having to pay Benojo - and all the activity generated gets rolled up into reporting for the company and the employee.

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Team Fundraising

Empower teams and individuals to raise funds for their own causes as well as the company’s - and let the great work they’re doing be visible to all employees.
Don’t leave raising funds to just your one or two most passionate staff.


Workplace volunteering

Say goodbye to manually sending details, updates, calendar invites and reminders. Our volunteer management features make it a breeze to organise all your corporate volunteering.


Ticketed Fundraising Events

Want to run an office trivia night fundraiser for your employees? You can set it up alongside all your other initiatives and take all the administrative sting our of collecting participants’s preferences and setting up calendar events - at the same great cost of zero platform fees.


Company and Employee Profiles

Track your journey - past, present and future - to create your “giving resume” to build your “giving career”. Through having profiles that reflects your company’s and employee’s giving preferences, we’ll be able to match you with opportunities and give you insights into how best to engage your employees.


Record off-platform donations and volunteering

We give you the ability to record EVERYTHING in a single place, even if you did it elsewhere. Your profile is your single source of reporting, truth and transparency for you and your employees.



You can’t manage what you can’t measure - and you can’t build a giving program without knowing engagement rates, aggregated activity, impact and stakeholder interests. Don’t waste hours on spreadsheets trying to track what’s going on and communicating outcomes to your stakeholders. Let our platform do it for you.


Donation Matching

Got a dollar matching program? We give your employees the ability to apply for matches to on-platform and off-platform donations - and give you the tools to budget, track, approve and disburse with the greatest of ease.


Pre-tax payroll giving

Encourage giving in your employees by gifting them the time-saving gift of Payroll Giving. It’s a breeze for them to choose the charities they’re passionate about and realise their tax benefit immediately. We can help you with disbursement and integration with payroll systems - and it all integrates with our dollar matching functionality


Employee Grant management

Empowering your employees with the ability to apply for grants on behalf of their chosen charities is a great way to engage them at the same time as learning about their passions. Our grant management system allows you to ask the questions you need answer for, as well as track and approve applications.


Organisational HIERARCHY

Do you want the company’s different offices to have control over their own programs, but visibility over the whole organisation? We can set up a company hierarchy that allows you to segment, record and report your program efforts locally, but allow employees from any office to participate.


Single Sign On

We all hate remembering a zillion passwords - so don’t do it. We can integrate with your company’s user authentication system to make life easier for everyone.