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Whether an individual, charity, business, government department, school or university - everyone on Benojo has a profile. Some keep it private, others use it to publicly record every good act they've performed.

  • For companies - Your Benojo profile is an easy way to showcase the good stuff you and your and employees do. Share which causes are supported, your activities, total donations and hours volunteered. Even feedback from the charities you work with can be shared, so your environmental and community impact is shown with objectivity and transparency. This is really useful if you're applying for tenders, attracting new customer/employees/students or just communicating internally to your organisation. Your Benojo profile forms the hub of your social sustainability activities.

  • For individuals - It's hard to remember all the good stuff we do. Your Benojo profile is a way of recording and sharing what you care about and how you've contributed. Increasingly, employers and educators value those who can demonstrate their altruism.

  • For charities - Your Benojo profile allows you to be found and matched to individuals and organisations who want to support you - no matter how big or small you are. It's also where your campaigns - past and present - are browsed.

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