Your employees want to give – Benojo weekly roundup

Each week we aim to bring you the biggest stories across the CSR, philanthropy and charity space. Here’s all the latest in the world of social impact.

Why social responsibility is no longer just for the bigger guyssmall biz

This week Benojo released a product that will change the CSR game in Australia. We understand the desire in the small business community to do good and give, so we’re now offering twelve months full access to our platform to companies with up to 100 employees, for a limited time at a cost of just $99.

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Australia's charitable giving jumps 6.5 per cent: National Australia Bank

Australians appeared to dig deeper for others in the past year, with solid jobs growth and a resilient economy contributing to a significant jump in charitable donations.

However, the data, from National Australia Bank, shows some suburbs were more generous than others.

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The pursuit of happiness (at work)landing-stage-sea-holiday-vacation-large

Researchers were intrigued by findings over the years (and decades) which demonstrated happy employees were more likely to help others, to proactively learn new skills and to set ambitious goals, all of which would presumably lead to productivity gains.

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Five ways to ensure ROI from CSR programs

Most employers’ corporate social responsibility programs achieve some positive results, but few are reaching their full potential, according to CSR expert Jonathan Champ. According to Champ, employers can take five steps to ensure their CSR program is effective on every level.

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50 best workplaces for giving back

More and more, the instant gratification of volunteering and its “do good, feel good” mentality is inspiring workers who seek a higher purpose in their day-to-day jobs. The culture experts at Great Place to Work were to determine which companies offer flexible scheduling and paid time off for volunteering as part of their workplace benefits. They surveyed thousands of employees to discover how they’re making a difference, and they also asked about employee donations and corporate matching. Here are 50 great employers whose dedicated workers are making the world a better place, one volunteer project at a time.

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Prince, the secret philanthropist: 'His cause was humanity'prnce

It began with an anonymous check about 10 years ago. Environmental and human rights activist Van Jones was working on George W. Bush's Green Jobs Act when he received a $50,000 donation and no name attached to it. "I promptly returned it," he recalls. "I'm not taking anonymous checks for $50,000. It could be from anybody." But then someone sent it back, and he returned it again.

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