Why Travelling is So Important

I feel extremely lucky that growing up I was given the chance to travel. Seeing new places and meeting new people has always been incredibly fascinating to me. To me, travelling is one of the most important things to do and one of the best ways to spend money. There is no better way to understand the world we live in than by immersing yourself in cultures completely different from your own.

When I first decided to intern abroad in Sydney, I knew one of my main priorities while over here was to travel. It is not everyday that I am in this part of the world so I was determined to see as much as it as possible. Luckily I have been fortunate enough to get the chance to travel both around Australia and internationally with my travel buddy and roommate Izzy. Together, Izzy and I have embraced different cultures and climates, all while getting a better understanding of the world we live in.

 My parents, Izzy, and myself with a new elephant friend.

My parents, Izzy, and myself with a new elephant friend.

A few weeks ago, we ventured to Bali, Indonesia to fit as many things as we possibly could into a 5-day trip. Accompanied by my parents and a tour guide, we got the chance to see beautiful temples, a monkey forest, gorgeous beaches, and tons and tons of street markets. We also got the chance to engage with locals and try to grasp the everyday lives for people in the remarkable country.

 Beautiful Bali

Beautiful Bali

While Bali was filled with beauty, it was impossible not to notice the poverty paved throughout streets. The people in Bali were incredibly welcoming and generous, even with the little they had to offer. Experiencing these strangers' kindness inspired me and made me reflect on the society I live in. In both the U.S. and in Australia, it is easy to take for granted what we have and complain about things that in reality, are relatively miniscule problems. I have also realized that we have so much to give and sometimes it takes a little reminder to remember how truly fortunate we are compared to people in other parts of the world.

There are many ways to help people in your own community or on the other side of the world through giving. Giving feels good. Giving does not just mean donating money, it can mean supporting a cause by lending your time or other goods. It can be hard to decide what cause is most important to you so joining Benojo’s platform can help you sift through charities, allowing you to pick which one you feel most compelled to and where your specific abilities may be the best fit. There are charities already on Benojo’s platform that have programs that support Indonesia such as “Save the Children” and “Red Cross” which you can read about it here and here.

The idea of finding a charity that is the perfect match for your philanthropic needs falls under the “Make it Matter” pillar as it is vital that your contributions have meaning to you and the organisation you are donating to. Making your donations matter is the first step to having a successful business filled with motivated and philanthropic values.

Traveling has exposed me to experiences I could never even imagine having. The world is the best classroom; traveling teaches you the most valuable lessons there are to learn. If you are fortunate enough to get the chance to see the world, make sure you do your part in giving back to the magnificent places across the globe.

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