Why social responsibility is no longer just for the bigger guys

This article was produced by our founder and CEO, Martyn Ryan.

I spend many of my days talking to the leaders of small businesses and charities, and each and every day I hear stories that truly inspire me. The community of small businesses that operate in Australia is beginning to better understand the value social brand equity, purpose-led workplaces, and shared value.

Similarly, the charity sector is slowly recognising the value smaller firms have to offer to them.

However, there is still a common challenge with regards to how these relationships between businesses and charities are formed and sustained with solid alignment.

What's the problem?

We could spend all day examining the diverse nature of these challenges, however, there is a common thread. The cost of acquisition (internal and external) and complexity of managing these relationships seems to be the biggest and most recurrent issue faced by both firms and causes when it comes to developing socially responsible partnerships.

As more businesses and the charities they support, (or would like to support), are able to identify the methods by which they would like to work together, the nature of their needs exponentially increase.

For example, a financial services firm of 80 people recently approached Benojo with an intent to develop a singing and dancing community engagement initiative. It was simply brilliant in its concept; a blend of skilled and nonskilled volunteering offers, online peer to peer fundraising, payroll giving and monthly campaigns.

But here lay the challenge; the expense of implementing and managing this initiative was a big issue, as it required the engagement of multiple vendors, a big chunk of time and information integration. Whereas the bigger firms have the resources and technology to overcome some of these issues, the smaller firms don’t.

As a consequence, charities find it hard to acquire the support of smaller businesses because the burden on the business is potentially overbearing.

So what does this mean?

Simply stated, this means that less gets done and desire and intent to do good is not harnessed. This results in what I like to call ‘Giving Waste’

However, as of this week, the landscape has changed. As many of you know I founded Benojo to address the challenge of doing more for less, and at the risk of seen to be plugging Benojo I want to share with you why, as a result of what we have built, social responsibility no longer needs to be complex, expensive and hard to manage for small businesses and the charities they support.

It all comes down to what I truly care about - providing more people with the opportunity to give on their terms and, in turn, creating value beyond the beneficiary. Everyone wins.

So what have we done? 

Benojo has created a platform that allows small business to manage all their volunteering and participants in one place. In addition, businesses can run or adopt campaigns from one location and enable various "opt-in" options their employees, customers, and supply chain, including donations and payroll giving . Furthermore, each employee can run their own campaigns that can be shared internally and externally with their peers.

All the activity, outcomes, impact, administration, and management is integrated and appropriated to the relevant participants. Every component of the program remains in one place, easy to manage.

For companies of 100 employees or less, this technology is available for $99. I have had it to back teeth with expensive platforms and offerings that are not a realistic option for small companies, something had to change and its finally here.

It means comprehensive giving programs can be run by an internal single resource with limited time and cost requirements.

This changes the game and opens up a whole new marketplace and various opportunities within Australia. I have always dreamt that Australia would globally lead the way forward for small business giving. I hope this is the beginning of a genuine movement.

Interested to learn more about how your business can give? Contact me here or check out the offer page.