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Benojo profile
Benojo profile

We organise the cards in our wallet, the stationery on our desk and most of us have some kind of attempted spreadsheet system for budgeting-  so why not apply the same principles of organisation to your giving efforts?

Our innovative giving hub makes it easy to create a Benojo profile and start tracking your volunteering efforts. A no-fuss process, once you've signed up with Benojo our modern system takes care of the rest, freeing up your time to give more!

With a Benojo profile, you can easily:

  • Keep track of the volunteering hours your logged
  • Maintain a record of the causes you've worked with
  • Evaluate your giving efforts

Share your story

Signing up for a Benojo profile means that your volunteering hours are automatically tracked and reported, storing all the data in one convenient place and removing the admin headache.

Having all the information in the one spot means it's never been easier to share stories about your giving efforts with the world. Going for a new job? Make your resume stand out by incorporating a piece about your latest volunteer day. Linking the data from your Benojo profile to you LinkedIn profile is also a great way to get noticed by potential employers and generation positive social conversation.

Benefits for businesses

Workplace volunteering is one of the most effective employee retention and career development tactics. Corporate volunteer days motivate staff, solidify relationships and give employees the chance to feel like they’re making a difference. They also provide meaningful skills and leadership development opportunities.

Encouraging your staff to create a Benojo profile makes it easier on your company admin to manage their volunteering efforts. The data collected from these profiles is an invaluable source of information for developing your business wide CSR program and sharing good news stories with external stakeholders.

Can't wait to get started on your Benojo profile? Take the first step!