We're equalling the playing field

Our founder Martyn Ryan believes that it's in "our DNA to give." We couldn't agree more, so we've created a new product that enables small businesses to invest in CSR just like the bigger guys

So what have we done? 

Benojo has created a platform that allows small business to manage all their volunteering and participants in one place. Businesses can run or adopt campaigns from one location and enable various "opt-in" options their employees, customers, and supply chain, including donations and payroll giving. Furthermore, each employee can run their own campaigns that can be shared internally and externally with their peers.

All the activity, outcomes, impact, administration, and management is integrated and appropriated to the relevant participants. Every component of the program remains in one place,making it easy to manage for time-poor small businesses.

What does it mean?

This changes the game and opens up a whole new marketplace and various opportunities within Australia. Small businesses now have the opportunity to run a social impact program that would rival that of any conglomerate.

This enables them to attract the best talent when it comes to recruiting and allows them to compete in a market where 55% of consumers are willing to pay extra for products and services from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact.

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