Unlocking the value of volunteerism

There’s nothing quite like the onset of a new year to get you thinking about what you might like to change or start afresh in 2015. One area we’d encourage you – particularly if you’re a corporate player – to add to your list is your corporate volunteering program. Volunteering

There’s endless potential to inspire and engage your employees through your corporate volunteer program. So it may be time to ditch the annual compulsory volunteer day and move towards something that better connects your employees to causes they care about, and programs that let them help in ways they deem meaningful.

What do we mean by volunteerism?


Benojo’s Queen of Melbourne, Kim Downes, provides some insight: “When I work with charities one of the things I do is get them to think about being more donor-centric. And think about who they are serving and who they want to attract as donors, volunteers and employees. Yes, you’ve got a vision or mission, but think about how you match that with others in the community. It’s all about listening and being concerned about others.


“To translate that to the corporate world: yes, you need to focus on your clients and your members – but what about your employees and your co-workers? What inspires them? What is going to get them to come into work everyday because what you are doing as a business is helping the community?”

Open sesame


It’s important to make communication a top priority. Talk and work with your employees. Ask questions, listen and take stock of their responses. This can be through brainstorms, workshops, feedback forms or surveys – whatever best fits the size, model and culture of your business. This is the starting point to better understanding what your employees value in a corporate volunteering program.

What are the benefits?


Plenty actually, including:

•      Unlocking leadership opportunities

•      Inspiring staff beyond the paycheck

•      Measuring the value of volunteerism on both staff development and the company

•      Reinforcing the business’s brand identity

•      Networking within the community and 
company’s industry area

•      Team building and higher employee retention

•      Higher productivity and profitability

What do you think about engaging staff in conversations about volunteerism? Has your business done it? Share your comments or stories below.

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