Thoughts from an Intern

Stop climate change, cure cancer, save the reefs, support refugees, home the homeless… The list of causes I care about goes on, and on, and on.

It has been three weeks since I began as an intern and was gratefully allocated the spot closest to the coffee machine in Benojo’s Surry Hills office. In this short time, I’ve enjoyed learning the ideas, operations and mission behind the fun-coloured logo and discover just where this exciting company is going. However, diving into the not-for-profit world has left me astounded. There are just so many Charities!

It is remarkable to see the thousands of people out there who are passionate enough about a cause to go ahead and form, fund, manage, sustain and grow a charity. The amount of courage, dedication and hours of typically unpaid work building a charity requires is unbelievable. Can you imagine selflessly devoting yourself to that? I’d only work for no pay if I knew there would be something else in it for me (hello internship, please, please, please boost my fledgling career). So, to see the swarms of people working diligently behind the scenes of these hundreds of not-for-profits is inspirational. If you’re ever in a Jack Johnson mood, asking ‘where’d all the good people go?’ Head over to Benojo’s digital platform and have a scroll through the plethora of causes and campaigns people are dedicating their life towards. Hearing their world-shaking actions are a great pick-me-up.

However, seeing the masses of charities out there begs the question – how do they each make theirs stand out? After a degree in Development, learning about charities all over the world, I can still only name a handful of the thousands out there doing good. So, attracting the donations, volunteering and support needed from busy, money-careful people like me is hard! The issue is, every cause is a good cause, but I can’t support them all, so how do I choose? I like how Benojo is simplifying the process by letting me choose a cause and then providing a selection of charities passionate about the same things as me!

I presume I’d be transferred away from the marvellously located desk if I said anything against Benojo (probably to out the door), however it seems that Benojo is a dream come true for charities. It’s just too easy! And its free?! I can’t believe charities are still paying a multitude of platforms to do the same things Benojo does all in the one place, for free! As more charities set up shop in Benojo’s marketplace, and more customers visit to see what it’s all about, Benojo is growing to be the online charity shopping centre everybody is scrolling through. It is becoming the Amazon of the charity world, and I’m so excited to see how Benojo will change the future of giving and become a must-have item for businesses and individuals.

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