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Each week we aim to bring you the biggest stories across the CSR, philanthropy and charity space. Here’s all the latest in the world of social impact. Small actions, big impact: The Last Straw

Eva Mackinley is the passionate and determined founder of The Last Straw, a campaign to reduce the use of plastic straws in venues across Australia (and beyond). The Last Straw targets both venues and consumers. It asks consumers to ‘sip, don’t suck’ and forgo plastic straws when they order drinks out, while encouraging venues to give out less straws and help reduce waste through responsible disposal of used straws. Benojo spoke to Eva to learn more about how she came to create The Last Straw and what she hopes to achieve through it.

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Impact Giving: Pop-up philanthropy shop aims to change the way Australians engage with charities

Five charities have come together to launch what is billed as a world-first — a "pop-up" philanthropy shop where potential donors can learn about the charities on their own time. The shop, Impact Giving, has opened as part of a 10-week trial in the main retail strip of the rapidly gentrifying suburb of Northcote, in Melbourne.

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MTV, racial consciousness and the limits of corporate social responsibility

MTV has indicated an interest in social justice with the introduction of its Look Different campaign, its initiative to educate people about bias based on race, gender and sexuality, and eradicate it. However, its annual prestige production, the Video Music Awards, seemingly operates independent of the ideals of Look Different. That makes Look Different no different from just about any other widely publicized corporate responsibility effort. In fact, it makes it little more than a vanity project. How much, if at all, does that matter?

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Sydney airport launches online charity app

SYDNEY Airport is taking off as a jumbo-sized charity fundraiser.

AND it's all down to its annual offload... of lost property.

Thousands of unclaimed bits of booty ranging from iPods, surfboards, ukuleles and even microwave ovens raise a motza at the airport's charity auction.

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L Gordon Darling, businessman and philanthropist, dead at 94

Leonard Gordon Darling, AC, has died in Melbourne aged 94 after a life that spanned war and peace, the inauguration of some of the country's most significant arts institutions and a business career during which he was the longest serving BHP director.

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We need the truth about pay

Should Australian companies be required to disclose the pay gap between their male and female workers, or if they choose not to report this information, have to explain why? Would it make a difference if you knew the gender pay gap in your organisation and across its industry, and could track changes? Would a persistently large gender pay gap affect your decision to join a firm, stay there, invest in it, or buy its products?

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