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Each week we aim to bring you the biggest stories across the CSR, philanthropy and charity space. Here’s all the latest in the world of social impact. Report: What is the state of shared value in Australia?

The Shared Value Project in collaboration with Social Ventures Australia recently released The State of Shared Value in Australia 2015 Report. An Australian first, it provides an insight into the state of shared value nationally. Benojo took a closer look at some of its key findings.

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Taking corporate social responsibility for ship pollution

According to a recent article at Mother Jones, oceangoing ships are providing some of the biggest volumes of air pollution, with some of the most deadliest consequences to human health. Exposure to shipping pollution can cause health problems like lung cancer, diabetes, and heart issues. Ship fuel emits toxins that are known to cause cell damage as well, and a team of researchers found that emissions from ships are more dangerous than emissions from cars and trucks. However there are plenty of ways that businesses can incorporate social responsibility in stemming the effects of oceangoing ship pollution.

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8 recipients awarded Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy

Carnegie Corporation of New York made the announcement Tuesday. The award was established in 2001 to honor individuals "who dedicate private wealth to the public good."

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Developing policies on farm animal welfare

More and more food companies are starting to report on animal welfare as part of their corporate social responsibility and sustainability programs.

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Creating a happier company culture

Creating a culture of happiness in the workplace is rather simple and has very little (if any) cost. In my workplace, it didn’t cost us anything. There are a number of ways to create a positive work environment. Here’s how I turned a crazy workplace into a culture of happiness in a matter of months.

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hoogleGoogle is well-known for the corporate culture at its offices. Google execs believe food brings people together, and new products and services could be imagined when workers meet in kitchens and dining halls.  (PASKOVA / THE WASHINGTON POST)

IBM’s school could fix education—and tech’s diversity gap

The program, backed by IBM, aims to prepare mainly minority kids from low-income backgrounds for careers in technology. The idea is to earn a high school diploma and a free associate degree in six years or less. The students sitting in Barclays tonight—P-TECH’s inaugural graduates—plowed through the program in just four.

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uniAndrew White for Wired

Ali, Moeloco’s 14-year-old kidpreneur ambassador

Read all about Ali on Moeloco’s blog! At 14 she established her own social media business with 18 clients. She decided to set up a social media campaign called the 87 Cents Project. Ali wants to raise $120, 000 herself, and 87 cents is all it takes in India to give healthcare to one person for a year.

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