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Benojo chats with Australian environmentalist Ian Kiernan

The first thing that is evident when speaking to Ian Kiernan is how deeply passionate he is about caring for the environment. Benojo caught up with the founder and chairman of Clean Up Australia Day and Clean Up the World Day to learn more about his inspiring story.

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Pride of Australia: The Sanctuary open at the toughest of times

Across 20 years running Geelong’s The Sanctuary they have reached out to countless people dealing with diagnosis of life-changing or terminal illness and loss.

Offering counsel, focus, coping strategies and utilising of meditation and mindfulness they help people find strength where none might be apparent, and they do it at minimal cost.

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Tara McKinty and Scott Crisp founded and have run The Sanctuary for 20 years. Picture: Mike Dugdale

Why business suddenly cares about staff being happy

Clothing retailer Cotton On hit the headlines this year after reportedly instructing staff that failing to have “fun” and “keep it real” are sackable offences. Has Cotton On suddenly — and unexpectedly — gotten in touch with its sensitive side?

Unlikely. A more likely reason for businesses’ current interest in happiness and wellbeing has to do with cold hard economics and shifts in the labour force. Happiness, in short, is good for business.

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AIA Australia commits ongoing funding to mental health initiative SuperFriend

Leading life insurer AIA Australia today announced a renewed partnership with Mental Health Foundation SuperFriend, committing five more years of funding to educate individuals, employers and workplaces about improving and maintaining their mental health.

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UK charities may face a £4.6bn black hole in income, report finds

UK charities could face a £4.6bn financial black hole by 2018, if income levels continue to flatline, a report released on Wednesday has found.

The 12-month review into charity sector funding, by National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), said that while the rest of the economy has grown, the charity sector’s income is the same as it was in 2009. The report attributed the shortfall to low growth in public donations, cuts to government grants and contracts, and rises in inflation.

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Corporate social responsibility: nice guys finish first

Today’s consumers expect companies to focus on more than the bottom line—addressing social and environmental issues is also important. According to March 2015 polling by Cone and Ebiquity, 91% of internet users worldwide expected companies to do more than make a profit. -

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These dogs were scheduled to die. But a hug changed everything

Two dogs were scheduled to die - set to be euthanized as they reached their deadline for adoption on Monday at a kill shelter in Georgia. But Kala and Keira were saved at the last minute after a photo of them hugging went viral on social media.

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