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Each week we aim to bring you the biggest stories across the CSR, philanthropy and charity space. Here’s all the latest in the world of social impact. Interview with Shared Value Project’s Executive Director Helen Steel

Last month, the Shared Value Project released its inaugural State of Shared Value in Australia 2015 report, the first survey of its kind in Australia. Benojo caught up with Helen Steel, the Project’s executive director to learn out more about the findings and how they hope to apply them. Read our blog for the details!

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Australia confirms air strikes in Syria, announces additional 12,000 refugee places

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has confirmed Australia will extend its campaign of air strikes from Iraq into Syria, at the same time as announcing plans to "move quickly" to accept an extra 12,000 refugees affected by the conflict in both countries. The Government will also provide $44 million in financial aid for refugee agencies — in the form of food, supplies and cash — as people living in refugee camps prepare for the winter.


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How Hurricane Katrina changed corporate social responsibility forever

Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina not only devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, it also shattered the confidence Americans had in their government to respond to domestic emergencies. The federal response to Katrina was its own disaster, a cascade of grievous errors that have been criticized and analyzed for a decade now. Much has been written about the lessons learned and the policy changes around our federal disaster preparedness and response. At the local, state and national levels, the tragedy of Katrina has fueled a new focus on improving communication, coordination, transparency, technology and strategy, amongst other steps.

050902-N-5328N-228 New Orleans (Sept. 2, 2005) - Four days after Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast, many parts of New Orleans remain flooded. The Navy's involvement in the humanitarian assistance operations is led by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in conjunction with the Department of Defense. U.S. Navy photo by Gary Nichols (RELEASED)

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World-record run around Australia for charity nearing the finish line

For the last few months, a dedicated Queensland police officer has been rising every morning to run an average of 80kms in his bid to break several records, including becoming the fastest runner to circumnavigate Australia.

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How one man made it his business to give back

Michael Amberg always knew he wanted to own a business, but when it came to finding the right one, he drew on his experience as a volunteer rather than his professional time in sales. “I’d always worked with young kids through church,” he says, “and I just knew I had a passion for it.” He found what he was looking for in Amazing Athletes, an educational sports franchise that emphasizes motor development and confidence-building over competition. Amberg opened his Tulsa, Okla.-area franchise in 2008.

entrepImage credit: Courtesy of Amazing Athletes of Eastern OK

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5 awesome things Indian startups are doing to keep their employees happy

There's a new breed of startups out there - the kind that has a work culture that emphasises on creative thinking and collaboration among different departments. To do this, they provide a plethora of activities including health and wellness sessions, team outings, hobby classes, provisions for indoor games, movies, book clubs and much more.

IndaImage credit: whitemassif

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Rethinking philanthropy with a regional perspective

A tree-changer now living in country New South Wales has developed a crowdfunding platform for charities that he hopes will completely shake up current thinking and practice around philanthropy.

ABCTom McCardell of new charity fundraising business Common Cents Fund, based in Orange, NSW (ABC:Melanie Pearce)

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