The best of the best – Benojo yearly roundup

We're bringing you our biggest and best stories across the CSR, philanthropy and charity space from 2015. Here’s what happened in the world of social impact this year.

Best Benojo Blog Posts

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Benojo’s Martyn Ryan: The CSR 2015 wish list

Benojo’s inspirational founder Martyn Ryan shared his hopes and wants for corporate social responsibility in 2015.

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7 Insights from the 2015 Millenial Impact Report

Ever wondered what factors influence the behaviour of Millennials (those born between 1980-2000) when it comes to giving and volunteering in the workplace? The recently released 2015 Millennial Impact Report offers some interesting insights. We took a closer look.

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Shared Value: The experts weigh in

Benojo’s blog post discussed shared value with Mark Kramer, a global force in shared value and co-founder of FSG, a non-profit consulting firm that specialises in strategy, evaluation, and research. He’s also an author, who co-wrote the defining article ‘Creating Shared Value’ with Michael E Porter for the Harvard Business Review.

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Benojo chats: Rob Michalak, Ben & Jerry’s Global Director of Social Mission

Rob Michalak is Ben & Jerry’s global director of social mission. Social mission being one of three missions (the other two being product and economic) that the company uses to guide their decision-making.

Michalak was in Sydney to speak at the Corporate Affairs Summit. Benojo caught up with him after his insightful and inspiring address, and asked him to tell us more about some of the tweets shared during his talk.

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Most Touching Stories


Syrian refugees became volunteers within a month of arriving in Australia

Less than a year after arriving in Australia, with their bullet-riddled Aleppo home a fading memory, Johnny and Carol Bilouna pulled on matching orange jumpsuits and prepared to help patch a stranger’s roof somewhere in the peaceful, if storm-damaged, Illawarra,

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The No. 1 business rule of a Buddhist billionaire: Make workers happy

If this 83-year-old billionaire is right, one of the most important lessons of business school is pretty much wrong.

All that stuff about focusing on shareholders? Forget it, said Kazuo Inamori, entrepreneur, management guru and Buddhist priest. Spend your time making staff happy instead.

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How to recognise your employees, 5 days a week

The president of Michael C. Fina company has a recognition ritual — on Friday afternoons, she visits and chats with employees. It’s casual and brief, and usually gets everyone feeling good before the weekend. Solid recognition near closing time on a Friday can make the work week seem far behind you. Many of the company’s internal departments also have a weekly ritual of some kind. Not always on Friday, but it’s a regular recognition opportunity nonetheless.

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These dogs were scheduled to die. But a hug changed everything

Two dogs were scheduled to die – set to be euthanized as they reached their deadline for adoption at a kill shelter in Georgia. But Kala and Keira were saved at the last minute after a photo of them hugging went viral on social media.

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Australian Philanthropists


The changing face of philanthropy

When it comes to philanthropy Geoff Wilson, of Wilson Asset Management, had a new twist on an old idea. He persuaded some of the most well-recognised names in global funds management to forego all their fees for a new investment company to be listed on the ASX. Nor is the ASX charging any listing fees. Legal, accounting and other professional services were also provided pro bono.

This allowed the Future Generation Global Investment Company to meet its aim of donating 1 per cent of its net assets to youth mental health.

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How generous are Australian's really?

After migrating to Australia in 1952, John Karlik found a job as a food scientist at the Streets ice-cream laboratory where he developed the chocolate Paddle Pop.

During his working life, he was always busy. But in retirement, he found more time to give.

For the past 16 years, he has helped deliver food to people’s homes around Sydney as part of the Meals on Wheels service.

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Woman fined for $6.75 tampon box theft donated crowdfunded money to charity

An Australian woman who made headlines around the globe after she was fined $500 for stealing a $6.75 pack of tampons donated to charity a quarter of the money raised in her name in a bid to ensure it doesn’t happen to other women.

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AIA Australia committed ongoing funding to mental health initiative SuperFriend

Leading life insurer AIA Australia announced a renewed partnership with Mental Health Foundation SuperFriend, committing five more years of funding to educate individuals, employers and workplaces about improving and maintaining their mental health.

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Global Good


President Obama and Bill Gates double down on clean energy innovation

President Obama wanted the United States to send a powerful message in Paris, and he got a helping hand from some of the world’s biggest entrepreneurs. Obama and Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced two aligned efforts to more than double the global investment in clean energy research. Obama, Gates and French President Francois Hollande together launched a 20-nation coalition called Mission Innovation, an initiative to “dramatically accelerate public and private global clean energy innovation.”

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Prince William attended anti-bullying workshop by charity named after his mother

Prince William took part in a special workshop to help train students to recognise bullying and encourage victims to speak out and seek help. The program was part of a back-to-school campaign run by The Diana Award, a charity named after the prince’s late mother.

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5 awesome things Indian startups did to keep their employees happy

There’s a new breed of startups out there – the kind that has a work culture that emphasises on creative thinking and collaboration among different departments. To do this, they provided a plethora of activities including health and wellness sessions, team outings, hobby classes, provisions for indoor games, movies, book clubs and much more.

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Napster billionaire Sean Parker took a new approach to charity

Sean Parker has been known for many things over many years, like being a co-founder of Napster, an early Facebook executive and a fun-loving, jet-setting billionaire.

Now he is known as a distinct kind of philanthropist.

Parker embarked on formal introductions of new programs to be financed by his $US600 million ($778 million) charitable foundation. He argued that his aim was to swing for the fences on issues that he thinks can be solved.

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