Some Final Insights

Here's what I really spent my internship doing: drinking tea...

Here's what I really spent my internship doing: drinking tea...

...and playing with my fidget spinner.

...and playing with my fidget spinner.

Well, I blinked, and somehow two months have gone by. After months of preparing and planning, I am writing from my last day at Benojo. I fly home in a few days and soon this whole experience will be one of the stories that my friends will tell me I talk about too often. While there are things I am definitely looking forward to at home (i.e; my dog) there is so much about Sydney I will miss. I am so beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to explore and grow as a human by traveling and immersing myself in another culture. But, most of all, I am so thankful for all that I have learned. The team at Benojo was incredibly welcoming and I loved every second that I spent observing these dedicated, intelligent, and witty people. They are some of the “goodest” humans I’ve ever met.

So what I have learned? I entered this internship with little experience in the charity world, even less experience in the corporate world, and no experience working at an international company. Two months later, none of that is still true.

The five pillars of What Successful Companies Are Doing are forever engrained in me, mainly because I’ve typed the words “What Successful Companies Are Doing” more times that I could count. The pillars of Ask Yourself, Make it Matter, Set Your Path, Launch & Lift, and Grow & Tell are all unique and vital to understand what Benojo is doing and it has been fascinating to immerse myself in each of them. Through writing my blogs, I have been able to explore each of them and hopefully I have provided some insight into each of them. Of course, if you want to learn more, you should visit

My blog posts have allowed me to give my thoughts on how employers can do a better job motivating their employees, conduct a survey on generational stereotypes and explain the results, reflect on traveling and why I love it, think about what needs to change in society with who is donating and my own volunteer experiences, and describe one of the amazing things Benojo does. Writing each of these has required research and critical thinking and I have become a more informed person because of it. I really didn’t know where some generational stereotypes came from before and now I do. I wasn’t aware of how many people were trying to do philanthropic work, especially within companies and businesses. Most importantly, I didn’t realize how many good humans there were in the world. Benojo’s slogan of “Good Humans Wanted” has for sure attracted some great people and I have had the great pleasure of learning all about them.

When I return back to university in a few weeks, I will begin my penultimate year and be one step closer to my degrees in political science and rhetoric & communications. The one thing I did not learn at Benojo is what I want to be when I grow up, what I want to do with all of my education. So while I am still not exactly sure, Benojo has shown me the power doing good.

When asked if I was enjoying my experience here by my boss Marty, I of course answered yes and that it was the most positive type of experience I could imagine. He responded that Benojo’s purpose has been to bring happiness to as many people as possible, so bringing happiness to me through an internship was doing their job. I now want to wake up everyday and try to do the same, so thank you Benojo. Thank you for making me a better, more selfless person; both my parents and I appreciate it.

For updates on my life as I try to figure who I will be as an adult you can reach me at or you follow me on pretty much all social media outlets at annalow2. It has been an honor.

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My final lunch with the Benojo team.

My final lunch with the Benojo team.