Redefining homelessness


LinkedIn may not be the first channel that comes to mind for promoting a campaign on homelessness, but that’s exactly what UK-based youth charity The Prince’s Trust did with its new Learn the Hard Way campaign.

Ad agency CHI&Partners created the campaign, which features a fictional LinkedIn profile for a candidate called Lois Amanda Clark, which lists her address as homeless.

The profile also features a link to a sombre “video CV”, which offers glimpses into the lives of young people dealing with hardships such as homelessness and abuse, each stating “personal skills” such as being resourceful, resilient and independent.

The Prince’s Trust notes on the profile: “Lois represents thousands of disadvantaged young people in the UK. Please view her video CV and if you're interested in supporting The Prince's Trust, endorse her skills below. This profile was created as part of a Prince’s Trust campaign to highlight both the challenges many young people face, and the potential they have for the workplace.”

The Learn the Hard Way campaign aims to encourage employers to re-consider how they view and assess potential employees, and to help open opportunities up to disadvantaged youth.

The campaign is also an example of charities getting creative in how they communicate their messages and the mediums they are using to target their desired audiences.

What was your initial response to the Learn the Hard Way campaign?

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